Impact of Adopted Methodology on Project Execution and Milestone

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Journal Title: International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues
Author(s): Olaitan Oyekunle
Published On: 05/06/2024
Volume: 10
Issue: 3
First Page: 43
Last Page: 79
ISSN: 2454-1273
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Olaitan Oyekunle , Impact of Adopted Methodology on Project Execution and Milestone , Volume 10 Issue 3, International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues, 43-79, Published on 05/06/2024, Available at


The approach used for a project’s execution has a significant influence on its success. Project managers play a crucial role in the selection and implementation of suitable techniques that are customised to meet project needs and the organisational environment. Techniques for incorporating various approaches into project teams stress the value of teamwork, communication, and goal alignment. A dynamic business environment requires organisations to adapt and innovate in order to stay competitive. This is further supported by projected trends in project management approaches, such as the emergence of digital transformation and the incorporation of new technologies. The complex link between technique choice and project results is painstakingly examined in this review study, with a focus on how it affects execution effectiveness and milestone achievement. This research explores different approaches, their unique features, and the significant ways in which they influence project dynamics via a thorough synthesis of the body of current knowledge. It also provides insightful information about potential future routes for improving project performance and critically examines the effects of methodology choice on project management procedures.

Keywords: Project Methodology, Milestone Achievement, Execution Efficiency, Methodology selection and Project Success

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