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International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Law bearing ISSN: 2454-1273. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.


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Doctrine Of Stare Decisis: A Critical Analysis

A doctrine is just a principle or an instruction but it’s not necessarily a rule that can never be broken. The doctrine of stare decisis is embedded in Latin Maxim ‘stare decisis et non quieta movere’ which means to stand by the decisions and is also incorporated in Article 141 of the Indian Constitution and

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The Reference Value Of The Organic Urban Renewal And Smart Urban Governance Mechanism In Extraterritorial Cities For China

Urban renewal is regarded as a broad concept involving physical, social, economic and environmental aspects, which is closely related to the goal of sustainable urban development. Traditional urban renewal only focuses on the physical construction including economic input, market operation, infrastructure, land use, organization and implementation, which is far from enough. The community functions as

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A Critical Analysis of Consumer Protection Laws within the Framework of Mobile Money Transactions in Cameroon

In today‘s digitally advanced era, mobile network operator (MNOs) hold a significant part in a mobile money payment systems mechanism. Although the legal framework regulating the mobile money services in Cameroon guarantees minimum protection to consumers, the degree of protection is insufficient. In this vein, we assume that the contract between MNO and consumers of

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Victims and International Sentencing: An Uncharted Territory?

The sentencing phase plays a crucial role in international criminal trials. However, the role and impact of victim participation during international sentencing have received little attention within international criminal law discourse. This study seeks to understand and explain the rationale behind international sentencing by examining the theories of retributive and restorative justice within the context

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