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International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Law bearing ISSN: 2454-1273. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.


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An Analysis to Determine Fault under the Liability Convention 1972

With the development in space forum, the determination of various aspects has been quite essential. Damages and injuries caused in the Outer Space has become one of the major problems. The Liability Convention of 1972 deals with the determination of liability in the outer space. The paper will assess the scope of fault liability under

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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Cold War Revisit

The cold war rivalries between united states of America and Soviet Union after the second world war till 1991 had divided the entire world into two blocs with extreme hostilities against each other on ideological lines. America and its allies formed NATO defence bloc to promote and protect liberal democratic ideology. While Soviet Union and

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Protection of Environment: A Study on Laws Relating to it in India

For sound development of a human being, a human being needs unpolluted and fresh air to breath, uncontaminated and clear water to drink, nutritious and healthy food to eat and hygienic and proper condition to live in. Right from mother’s womb these elements are sine qua non for proper development of a human being. In

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The Strategic Challenges of the First China-Gulf Cooperation Council Summit

The first China-Gulf Cooperation Council Summit is held at King Abdulaziz International Conference Center in Riyadh. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended this Summit with Prince Heritier and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ben Salman, Emir from Qatar, the Cheikh Tamim Ben Hamad Al-Thani, King of Bahrain Hamed Ben Issa Al Khalifa, Prince Herk of

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The Strategic Issues of Military Intervention in the Sahelian Zone: Case of Chad, Libya and Mali

This article presents the strategic issues of military interventions in the sahelian zone. However, three years after the publication of the Israel-Palestinian conflict (Adogaye, 2020), the Laboratory of International Relations and Studies Strategic entrusted me the publication of a special article bearing this time on the sahelian zone, but also the challenges of military interventions

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Female Foeticide – The Elephant in the Room

Female foeticide is a shockingly widespread practice in India, and a particularly severe type of killing girls occurs on a regular basis, even before they are born.1 Approximately, one million women are killed every year in India due to female foeticide or the selective termination of female foeticide and this rate is still increasing. India

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