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International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues is a Bi-Monthly e-Journal of Law bearing ISSN: 2454-1273. The Journal covers contemporary issues of Law and is not limited to any specific topic or subject.


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A Legislation’s Waterloo? The Future of the UK’s Human Rights Act (1998), the Possible End of an Era and the Prospect of a Homegrown Bill of Rights

Before the passing of the Human Rights Act 1998 (HRA), fundamental human rights in UK courts were enforced using fundamental common law rights. The enactment of the HRA which focused mostly on Convention rights displaced that movement to a certain uncomfortable degree as evidenced in the cases bothering on national security decided post HRA especially

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Defamation as Tort and Crime in Nigeria- Legal Review

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  Freedom of expression has, however, been curtailed, among others, by the law of defamation. Defamation applies to the situation when words spoken or written, and made public, damage the reputation, good will, name and standing of another individual before right thinking members of

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