Death Penalty: A Question for Inquest and Introspection

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Journal Title: International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues
Author(s): Ms. Apoorva
Published On: 19/04/2023
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
First Page: 35
Last Page: 47
ISSN: 2454-1273
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher


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Ms. Apoorva, Death Penalty: A Question for Inquest and Introspection , Volume 9 Issue 2, International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues, 35-47, Published on 19/04/2023, Available at


The execution and authenticity of capital punishment has been generally bantered on its hypothetical grounds. Contentions of profound quality lawfulness still remain the most pervasive in the exchanges of abolitionists. Yet this article brings up issues of potential examples in disavowal of capital punishment. In this article, the author has fundamentally centred upon the Indian situation in regards to capital punishment and how there is a hole between the substantive and procedural law. There is much open deliberation in regards to maintenance or annulment of the death penalty and on that the author has intentionally attempted to stay away from. Rather, it has been tried to look at the paradox in law through contextual investigations by method for direct records of convicts and their families and, obviously, through legitimate examination. The situation of the casualties and also the wrongdoers has been broken down and the conclusion touched base at similar to that there is powerless execution of law in such manner and deferrals in discipline prompts a unintended negative impact on the casualty, the guilty party, their separate families and definitely, the general public on the loose. The deferral in equity is the issue of great importance and should be tended to truly considering the way that a discipline as unforgiving, or maybe the harshest, as capital punishment is being referred to. Further, measures have been recommended for precise and rapid conveyance of equity and finally, the worldwide situation has been considered and expressed in like manner.

Keywords: Death Penalty, Victim, Reason, Judiciary, Crime.

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