Vol 4 Issue 5 [September 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 5 – September 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273

List of Published Article:

  1. Aban Philip, Admissibility Of Narco-Analysis (Download Full Text)
  2. Akash Sugumar, Philosophical Concept Of Animal Rights (Download Full Text)
  3. Alan Prince, Analysis Of Tie-In Arrangements Under Competition Law (Download Full Text)
  4. Anant Singh, Interdiction Of Cartels Within India (Download Full Text)
  5. Anju Rani, New Environmental Challenges (Download Full Text)
  6. Ankith Jain, Overview Of Section 497 On Adultery. (Download Full Text)
  7. Anne Maria Mathew, Doctrine Of Pleasure Whether And Impediment To Governor’s Functioning (Download Full Text)
  8. Arunima Sharma, Renewable Energy: A Way To Mitigate Climate Change Impact’ (Download Full Text)
  9. Arvind M, An Article On The Contradictions Between Intellectual Property Rights And The Internet (Download Full Text)
  10. Basudeb Roy, Rights Of Persons with Disabilities with Special Reference To Public Infrastructure Facilities In India (Download Full Text)
  11. Cicily Martin, Refugee Law In India (Download Full Text)
  12. Deekcha Tiwari, Capital Punishment In India And Its Deterrent Effect Or Not (Download Full Text)
  13. Devaang Savla, India’s Contribution To The World’s Immigrant Diaspora (Download Full Text)
  14. Dr. Banamali Barik, Food Served Among The Inmates In ‘Prescribed Prisons’: An Analysis In The Background Of Human Right Norms (Download Full Text)
  15. Girish Murugesh, Critical Analysis Of “The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016” (Download Full Text)
  16. Irfan Ziraj, Criminal Intrusion In Environmental Law (Download Full Text)
  17. Jeffy Johnson, India Towards Environmental Democracy And Justice (Download Full Text)
  18. Khushal Mittal, Criminalization Of HIV/AIDS: An Analysis Relating To Different Countries (Download Full Text)
  19. Kirti Garg, Santhara: A Cruel End Or A Dignified Ending (Download Full Text)
  20. Kush Agarwal, Law Of Endorsements Under Negotiable Instruments Act An Overview (Download Full Text)
  21. Kush Agarwal, An Analysis Of Martens Clause With Respect To International Humanitarian Law (Download Full Text)
  22. Madhumitha Kesavan, Concept Of Juvenile Delinquency (Download Full Text)
  23. Mridhamka Justin, Comparative Analysis Of Cases In Granting Capital Punishment (Download Full Text)
  24. Namitha Melwin, The Rights Of Stateless Children In India: Significance Of Nationality (Download Full Text)
  25. Nancy Wadhwa, Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Critical Analysis (Download Full Text)
  26. Nandini Rajesh, Marital Rape: Effects Of This Unresolved Crime On Marital Relationships And The Need For Its Criminalization In India (Download Full Text)
  27. Navita Aggarwal, Cross-Border Insolvency And India (Download Full Text)
  28. Pooja Devi, Intellectual History Of Trade Secret Law (Download Full Text)
  29. Shridula, Admissibility Of Deception Detection Tests In India (Download Full Text)
  30. Sabiha Rahman, Manual Scavengers And Their Unending Conflict With Law (Download Full Text)
  31. Saloni Mittal, Peer To Peer (P2P) Lending Platform And RBI’s Regulation (Download Full Text)
  32. Sarah Daniel, Critical Analysis On The Illegal Exotic Pet Trade In India And Scope Of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (Download Full Text)
  33. Sarah Shajan, Legal Frameworks And It’s Impacts On Abortion In India With A Comparative Study Of Abortion Laws In U.S (Download Full Text)
  34. Shilpha Narasimhan, Economic Relevance Of Wakf In Indian Family Law – A Comparative Analysis With India’s Neighbours (Download Full Text)
  35. Shivam Goel, Doctrine Of Part Performance & Specific Performance Of Contract: Agreement To Sell, Sale Deed And The Formality Of Registration (Download Full Text)
  36. Shreya Narayanan, Female Genital Mutilation And The Necessity Of A Legislation To Combat This Brutal Practice In India (Download Full Text)
  37. Shreya Sharma, Indian IPR Barrier To Pharmaceuticals Research And Development Investment (Download Full Text)
  38. Surabhi Vats, The NJAC Judgment: Establishing Judicial Supremacy (Download Full Text)
  39. Susanna K Sebastian, Domestic Violence against Men In India (Download Full Text)
  40. Tarun Kumar, Biopiracy; An Analysis Into The Theft Of Traditional Knowledge (Download Full Text)
  41. Trupthi C, Case Analysis: R v. Ahluwalia (Download Full Text)
  42. Utsav Singhal, Restrain The Culprit, Not His Rights: Let The Prisoner Live! (Download Full Text)
  43. Vedika Kejriwal, Wildlife Trafficking In India: Need For Effective Implementation Of Wildlife Laws (Download Full Text)
  44. Vidisha Gupta, Advance Directives (A Comparative Analysis) (Download Full Text)
  45. Yashwanth Reddy, Concept Of Visual Pollution And Its Legal Disparities (Download Full Text)
  46. Abhirami B & Arya Kuttan, Insider Trading Laws In India – Pertinence And Problems (Download Full Text)
  47. Shweta Surana & Dhananjay Khanna, Inadequacy Of Policy In State Of Tamil Nadu v. K Balu: A Legal Analysis (Download Full Text)
  48. Comfort Fuah Kwanga, Insurmountable Hurdles In The Proof Of Causation In Pharmaceutical Product Liability In Cameroon: Perspectives For Reform (Download Full Text)
  49. Didit Kusherman, Legal Protection Provided For The Management Of Bank Indonesia In Promulgating The Policy Regulating Crisis Of Financial System In Indonesia (Download Full Text)
  50. Harshit Singh, Alok Saxena & Saksham Tuli, Conflicts Between Generic Medicines and Their Branded Adaptations (Download Full Text)
  51. Hashil Twaibu Abdallah & Joseph Kizange, An Assessment Of Tanzania Laws On Non-International Armed Conflict (Download Full Text)
  52. Hashil Twaibu Abdallah & Dimesh Mawji, Legal Challenges On The Discharging Of Administrative Powers In Tanzania: A Case Study Of Trade And Services Mark Office (Download Full Text)

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