Vol 4 Issue 4 [July 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 4 – July 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273

List of Published Papers:

Phase 1:

  1. Abhinav Viswanath, Literary Trial Of ‘The Trial’ (Download)
  2. Ann Clara Tomy, Cyber Crimes: Role Of Law Enforcement Agencies (Download)
  3. Anoushka Borker, Data Protection Laws, Incorporation Or Rejection In The Indian Context (Download)
  4. Anuradha Koneru, Human Rights Fetching Status Of Fundamental Rights Through The Enhanced Concept Of Article 21 Of The Constitution Of India: An Overview (Download)
  5. Anushri Upase, Surrogacy In India And Effects Of Its Non Commercialization Under Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016. (Download)
  6. Bilal A. Nazeer, Non Obviousness: The Us Perspective And Its Influence On The Indian Patent Act. (Download)
  7. Dr. Madhuri Irene, “Discrimination Against Un-Organized Labour –  A Challenge Before Equality” (Download)
  8. Dr. Sakuntala Gouda, Right To Live And The Mining Environment (Download)
  9. Ehsaas Bhadhoria, A Step Toward Criminalizing Marital Rape (Download)
  10. Godsend Konofa Korosha, Compensation To Victims Of Crime: A Critical Analysis Of Ethiopian Legislative Framework (Download)
  11. Jemima K Yeptho, The Minamata Convention On Mercury And India: A Legal Review (Download)
  12. Kunal Almadi, Alternative Dispute Resolution (Download)
  13. Nisha Dhillon, Comparison Between Companies Act, 2013 And Insolvency And Bankruptcy Act, 2016 W.R.T. Winding Up (Download)
  14. Nupur Sherwal, The Fundamental Right Of Speech (Download)
  15. Rakesh Chandra, The Heinous Crime Of Child Rape: Whether Death Penalty Is The Answer? (Download)
  16. Rita Bansal, Analysis Of Deficiency In Atm Services Vis-A-Vis Liability Of The Bank (Download)

Phase 2

    1. Shivam Goel, The ‘Service Charge’ Debate & The ‘Water Bottle’ Judgment (Download)
    2. Shivi Verma, Gender Inequality In Education: Theory Vs Reality (Download)
    3. Tanessa Puri, A Critical Inspection Into The Chauvinism Of The Feminism Of International Law (Download)
    4. Vartika Rungta, Tukaram And Others Vs State Of Maharashtra – Positivist View (Download)
    5. Vedika Kejriwal, Ultzen V. Nicols (Download)
    6. Aakriti Vikas & Ashish Agarwal, Animals’ Protection Vis-À-Vis Freedom To Practise Religion: A Dichotomy Between Rights. (Download)
    7. Geetika Sood & Shivani Sharma, Insider Trading (Download)
    8. Govind Kumar Saxena & Major Gen. Praveen Kumar Sharma (Retd.), Position Of Women In Vedic, Post-Vedic, British, And Contemporary India (Download)
    9. Prachi Gupta & Aqib Khan, Right To Privacy: Issues And Challenges In The Technological Era (Download)
    10. Ridita Shome & Sakshi Kalyanpur, Mandatory Consent Issues Under International Arbitration: The Case Of Sports And Consumer Arbitration (Download)
    11. Snigdha Sharma & Shivani Sharma, Labour Legislation (Download)
    12. Sunidhi Bansal & Shruti Agarwal, Fair Use In Context Of Mashups: Comparative Analysis Of USA, UK And India (Download)
    13. Ali Liaqat, Constitutional Development In Pakistan (Download)
    14. Mohammed Mahasneh, The Legality Of Article (11) Of Brand Names Law No (9) Based On Instructions Of The Jordanian Constitutional Court (Download)
    15. Rocco Angelo Astore, Kant On Rights, State Authority, And The Fallaciousness Of Revolution (Download)
    16. Samuel Inyang Akpan, The Legal Regime Of National Assembly Probes And Suspension In Nigeria. (Download)

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