Vol 4 Issue 3 [May 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 3 – May 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273

List of Published Papers:

  1. Aakanksha Meena, Estimating the Rule of Law: A Comparison of the United Kingdom, China and India (Download)
  2. Abhavya Rabra, Right to Freedom of Religion; a Boon (Download)
  3. Akshal Agarwal, Private Equity Regulation under Companies Act (Download)
  4. Anshul Agnihotri, Cross-Border Parental Child Abductions: Legal Regulations And Practice Of Indian Court (Download)
  5. Anushka Ambli, Legalization of Prostitution (Download)
  6. Ashish Yadav, Contractual Liability Of State In India; A Comparative Analysis (Download)
  7. Avinash Meghwal, Women rights in India (Download)
  8. Banamali Barik, Rehabilitation of released prisoners in India through aftercare programmes and services: An analysis (Download)
  9. Drishya B Shetty, Aadhaar: The Electronic Leas on the Indian Population (Download)
  10. Javid Ahmad Bagth & Kunal Arora, Federalism In India: Asymmetric In Nature (Download)
  11. Jeffy Johnson, Lipi Parashar & Cicily Martin, Gender Jurisprudence in India (Download)
  12. Mehul Seth & Manish S Reddy, Judicial Conduct And Accountability (Download)
  13. Mishika Bhargava, A Comparative Study On Parliamentary Control Over Delegated Legislation (Download)
  14. Mojisola Eseyin & Edoho Godwin, Dinner Of Carcasses: An Analysis Of The Nature Of Nigerian Laws (Download)
  15. Pratyusha Sen & Nayanshree Dharmik, Maternity Benefit Act 1961 At A Glance (Download)
  16. Rajat Yadav, Analysis on the Trade protectionism and Free Trade (Download)
  17. Shreya Bansal, Social Media; Threat to Privacy of Children (Download)
  18. Shreya Maheshwari, The Alleged Harassment As An Offence (Download)
  19. Shrikara Chakravarthy, The Principle of Literary Imagination in the field of law and it’s applicability, examined through Heller’s Catch-22 (Download)
  20. Shubhda Payasi, Protection Against Self-Incrimination As A Fundamental Right: A Critical Appraisal (Download)
  21. Snigdha Kuriyal & Anjum Parvez, Depletion of our economy: A study on White Collar Crimes in India (Download)
  22. Sweety Mahi, Obligation of foreign Investor as Multinational Corporation (Download)
  23. Vaishali A. Sukhdeve, “Constitutional and Humanitarian Appraisal of Narco-Analysis Test” (Download)
  24. Harpreet Kaur, Law Relating to Sedition in India (Download)
  25. Divya Tripathi, An Analysis Of Carriage By Air Act, 1972 (Download)


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