Vol 4 Issue 2 [March 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 2 – March 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273


List of Published Papers:

Phase 1

  1. Abhisar Vidyarthi, NHRC, Human Rights and Good Governance (Download)
  2. Aprajita Bhargava, Anti-Dumping: Rhetoric And Reality (Download)
  3. Ashish Sancheti, The Changing Element of Privilege under Section 123 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. (Download)
  4. Atisha Sisodiya & Ayush Gupta, Data Protection vis-a-vis Corporate Liability in India: Missing or Ineffective Framework? (Download)
  5. Atreya Mathur, The Increasing Complexity of International Intellectual Property (Download)
  6. Avinash Singh Vishen, Drawing parallels: Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Locus standi with regards to Commercial Purpose and Earning livelihood by means of self-employment. (Download)
  7. Brij Mohan Dutta, Independence of Judiciary & Judicial Accountability: Present scenario in India and way forward (Download)
  8. Chirag Banthiya, Consumer Protection: Problems and Prospects (Download)
  9. Dr. Pijush Sarkar, Police and Judicial Process In India: A Discussion. (Download)
  10. Dr. Rajib Majumdar & Abhishek Majumdar, Medical Malpractice Suit and the Applicability of the Doctrine of Res Ipsa Loquitur: How far to go? (Download)
  11. Dr. Banamali Barik, Vocational training to convicted prisoners through skill development programmes: Indian context (Download)
  12. Dr. Dorothy Udo Umoatan Umoatan, Land Tenure System And Right Of Occupancy In Nigeria (Download)
  13. Dushyant Kishan Kaul, Age of Consent in India (Download)
  14. Himadri Bhusan Sahoo, Concept of Clothes (Download)
  15. Jyoti Kukreja, GST- A Biggest Tax Reform In India (Download)
  16. Keerthana Ravikumar, Power of Review of Administrative Body with specific reference to CCI (Google v. CCI) (Download)
  17. Kruthika Venkatesh, The Applicability and Enforcement of Sedition laws in India Vis-à-vis the Right to Free Speech and Expression (Download)
  18. Kusum Verma, A Study of Land Reform Laws in the State of Himachal Pradesh (Download)
  19. Mythiraye Kothandaraman & Shrusti S. Kalkura, Dereliction of Advocate’s duty in the Court of Law- An Exploratory Study (Download)
  20. Naveen W, Recovery of debts and the Role of Recovery Tribunals (Download)

Phase 2

  1. Neeta Beri, Triple Talaq: Was It Justified Or A Convenience For Males (Download)
  2. Parita Goyal, The Bangalore Water Supply : Case Analysis (Download)
  3. Pooja Devi, Analysis Of Human Organ Trafficking In India (Download)
  4. Prerona Banerjee & Swagata Banerjee, Sex Trafficking in India: The Legal Perspective (Download)
  5. Purusothaman G, Decriminalization of attempt to suicide in India (Download)
  6. Richa Yadav, Bioprospecting Of Traditional Knowledge: Efficacy Of Existing Legislative Framework (Download)
  7. Ritika Bharti, Corporate Debtor’s right to file a CIRP and its implications (Download)
  8. Sahil Bansal, Is Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 Homophobic or its Interpretation? (Download)
  9. Saloni Mittal & Vartika Rungta, Divya Manufacturing Co Pvt Ltd V. Union Bank Of India And Ors (Download)
  10. Shashank Shekhar Pandey & Diksha JoshiIntellectual Property And Contemporary Indian Legal Scenario (Download)
  11. Shreya Narayanan & S. Shridula, Case Analysis: Pawan Kumar V. State Of H.P (Download)
  12. Shubham Airi, Artificial intelligence, and the legal profession. (Download)
  13. Shubhank Khare, Protection Of Consumers With Reference To Misleading Advertisement In India: A Critical Analysis (Download)
  14. Sonia Maan, Insurance Of Motor Vehicles Against Third-Party Risks (Download)
  15. Tanvi Menon, Contracts and Promises (Download)
  16. Tushar Kumrawat & Purnima Soni, Default rule in case of an incomplete contract (Download)
  17. Vartika Rungta, Law and Morality: A Comparative Analysis. (Download)
  18. Varun Zeferino De Mascarenhas, Refugees And The 1951 Convention: An Insight Into The Protection Of Refugees During Armed Conflicts (Download)
  19. Vedant Goswami, Protection Of Elderly People Against Crime And Society (Download)
  20. Yash Vithlani & Keerthanaa B, Analysing Preventive Detention Laws and Article 21 (Download)
  21. Yash Soni, Corporate Insolvency (Download)

Publication held

  1. Administration Of Justice Should Be Clean And Pure
  2. Role Of Armed Forces In Internal Security With Special Reference To Jammu And Kashmir
  3. Comparative Study On Indian Administrative Law And British Administrative Law
  4. The Jurisdiction Of The International Tribunal For The Law Of The Sea
  5. Actionable Claims: An Analytical Study
  6. Access To Food: A Human Right

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