Vol 4 Issue 1 [Jan 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 1 – January 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273

List of Published Papers:

  • Kunal Almadi, Maritime Law (Download)
  • Rashmi Salpekar, Emerging Areas In A Globalised World And Response of Indian Legal Education (Download)
  • Aayushi Jain & Lalit Saraf, Lawyers And Strikes: Does Ends Justifies The Means (Download)
  • B. Yuvakumar Reddy & Sonal Deshmukh, A Critical Study on the Impact of Media towards children in India (Download)
  • Aprajita Bhargava, RTI – A Tool To Fight Against Corruption (Download)
  • Mahantesh G S, State Responsibility – A Study with respect to Treatment of Aliens (Download)
  • Sudipta Patra, A Comprehensive Study: About The Contemporary Issues Relating To The Trademark (Download)
  • Amarendar Reddy Addula, Threat for cyber laws, emergency for establishment of unified International Laws (Download)
  • Pratyush Bhardwaj, Consolidation Foreign Direct Investment Policy, 2017 (Download)
  • Parag Kulkarni & Rajlaxmi Wagh, Implementation of Information Technology Act, 2000 (India) and the Measures Recommended for Business Managers (Download)
  • Pulak Maheshwari & Parth Pratap Singh Mavai, Use of ‘At Once’ in Ordinances (Download)
  • Arindam Baruah, Samantha Judgment: A Jurisprudential Initiative Of The Judiciary Towards Securing Affirmative Action For The Tribals (Download)
  • Nikhar Luthra, Net Neutrality- A Legal and Economic Analysis (Download)
  • Alok Verma, How To Settle Dispute In International Space Law: An Appraisal (Download)
  • Yash Soni, Exceptions To ‘The Rule In Foss V. Harbottle’: Indian Context (Download)
  • Ratnesh Shah, India Foreign Trade With West Asia: A Study (Download)
  • Ratnesh Shah, Concept Of International Court In International Criminal Law (Download)

Other Manuscript:

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