Vol 3 Issue 5 [Sept 2017]



VOLUME 3 ISSUE 5 – September 2017

ISSN 2454-1273

List of Published Papers:

  • Pranshu Sehgal, Child Welfare and Jurisdiction of Indian Courts (Download)
  • Vedika Bhandari, Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act: A Critical Analysis (Download)
  • Shilpi Chatterjee, Delineation of Relevant market in Online Search and Advertisement effecting Competition Law (Download)
  • Jyoti Rangari, Protection Of The Rights Of The Broadcasting Organisations – Critique Of The International Developments (Download)
  • Dr. Neeta Bari, Demonetization: A Strong Step To Curb The Menace Of Black Money (Download)
  • Aprajita Bhargava, Arbitration – A New Era Of Justice (Download)
  • Manveer Kaur, Black Marketing – A Socio-Economic Offence (Download)
  • Vishal Garg, Legislative Privileges Under Indian Constitution (Download)
  • Juhi Goel, An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights with Special Reference to Trademark (Download)
  • Angad Baxi, Right to Privacy: A Disputed Question of Law and Constitutional Provision (Download)
  • Kuldeep Singh, Grave and Sudden Provocation As A Mitigating Factor to Criminal Liability Under Indian Penal Code (Download)
  • Kuldeep Singh, Expansion of Doctrine of Res Gestae in Judicial Proceedings (Download)
  • Charitha Praveen, The Remake- Juvenility In India (Download)
  • Ajay Sharma, Role of Civil Society in Whistle blowing: An Overview (Download)
  • Sanya Darakhshan Kishwar, Legalising Prostitution In India: Myth Or Reality (Download)
  • Kabita Krishna Soren, An overview on probation (Download)
  • Nishita Agrawal, Media Invades Right to Privacy (Download)
  • Nityanand Joshi, One of drawbacks of Modern Indian Polity- ” The White Collar Crime” (Download)
  • Lakshita Handa, Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility and Juvenile Delinquency in India (Download)
  • Harshit Raghuwanshi, An Analysis Of Victim Compensation Scheme (Download)
  • Pradipty Bhardwaj, Packaging and Labelling of Cosmetics (Download)
  • Jenny Behera & Deepika Kujur, Sexual Violence Perpetrated During Armed Conflicts: The Complex Dynamics of Revictimization (Download)
  • Simran Chandok & Laksh Manocha, Animals in Drugs and Cosmetic Testing (Download)
  • Aditya Rajasthani & Reuben Philip Abraham, Capital Gains Tax- A critical analysis of Vodafone’s case (Download)
  • Prajwal S & Darshan Dhruvanarayana, Public Interest litigation: Cordite to eradicate corruption (Download)
  • Arpita Pranav & Kumar Mangalam, Contempt Of Court (Download)

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