The Role of Interpol in the United Kingdom to Tackle International Crimes

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Journal Title: International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues
Author(s): Abdul Rafay Shaikh
Published On: 30/06/2022
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
First Page: 219
Last Page: 224
ISSN: 2454-1273
Publisher: The Law Brigade Publisher

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Abdul Rafay Shaikh, The Role of Interpol in the United Kingdom to Tackle International Crimes, Volume 8 Issue 3, International Journal Of Legal Developments And Allied Issues, 219-224, Published on 30/06/2022, Available at


International Criminal Police Organization is an inter-governmental organization consisting of 195 member countries and it assists the police in the member countries to prevent crimes. The organization enables law enforcement agencies to share and access data on crimes and criminals, and it offers a range of technical and operational support in order to make the world a safer place to live. The General Secretariat coordinates day-to-day activities to fight a range of crimes. Run by the Secretary-General, it is staffed by both police and civilians and comprises a headquarters in Lyon, a global complex for innovation in Singapore and several satellite offices in different regions[i].

Considering the situation in the United Kingdom where the globalized nature of serious and organized crime is arguably the single greatest threat to UK national security. Corruption is one of the threats to UK’s national security as it can undermine political, social and economic stability, and ultimately threaten the safety and security of society as a whole. Moreover, corruption is a universal crime and creates a proliferating ground for organized criminal activities, even terrorism, as criminals are aided in their illegal activities by the complicity of corrupt public officials.

[i]            Who Makes up Interpol ? Accessed on 31st January , 2022.

Keywords: INTERPOL, International Crimes, United Kingdom, International Criminal Police Organization, UK national security, INTERPOL National Central Bureau, cryptocurrency, environmental crimes, Money laundering

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