Vol 5 Issue 3 [May2019]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 5 Issue 3 – May 2019

ISSN: 2454-1273

  1. J.P. Arya, Poverty Alleviation In India: Socio-Legal Aspects (Download)
  2. Sanjeev Kumar, Gender Discrimination Against Women In India: Law And Policies (Download)
  3. Vishnu Prasad, Indian Legal Education System At Crossroads- A Critical Study (Download)
  4. Ishita Agarwal, Amendment To The Insider Trading Regulations: Incentive To The Traders Versus Tightening The Loop (Download)
  5. N. Bhagya Lakshmi, Honor Killing: Is It Pride For Family? (Download)
  6. Shivam Goel, The Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946: Key Aspects (Download)
  7. Paridhi Verma, National Green Tribunal (Download)
  8. M Saravanan, International Law On The Status Of Refugees In India: Judicial Perspectives (Download)
  9. Gyanendra Fulzalke, Right To Information Act 2005 As A Facet Fundamental Right: An Analytical Study (Download)
  10. Ankita Shukla, A Study On Juvenile Delinquents: An Integrated Approach (Download)
  11. Prachi Malpani, A Constitutional Assessment Of The Prevention Of Terrorism Act (Download)
  12. Meher Tatineni, Role Of Consent In Human Trafficking (Download)
  13. Tanvi Menon, Contract By Agents (Download)
  14. Meghna Menda & Anagha Nair, Animal And Law – Quest For Animal Rights (Download)
  15. Indumathi M J & Dr.Rangaswamy D Nayak, A Study On Admissibility Of Child Witness In View Of Indian Administration Of Justice System (Download)
  16. Chetan Singla & Pushpinder Kaur Dhillon, Law Relating To Tourism In India (Download)

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