Vol 5 Issue 2 [March 2019]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 5 Issue 2 – March 2019

ISSN: 2454-1273

  1. Abhinaya Ramesh, Dumping And Anti-Dumping Issues: An Indian Perspective (Download)
  2. Abhishek Srivastava & Jyoti Kukreja, The Basics of Lawyer-Client Communication (Download)
  3. Adarsh Dubey, An Analysis Of The Doctrine Of Ultra Vires From The Indian Perspective (Download)
  4. Aprajita Bharagava, Juvenile Justice In India (Download)
  5. Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava & Nilakhi Barman, Forest Laws In India – Policy And Assessment (Download)
  6. Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava & Nilakhi Barman, Case Commentary – Tata Teleservices Limited v. Union Of India (Download)
  7. Dhruv Nyayadhish, The Draconian Legislation Of SC/ST (Prevention Of Atrocities) Act 1989 (Download)
  8. Dr. Ishrat Husain, Agriculture Land And Ceiling Laws In India: An Overview (Download)
  9. Dr. J.P. Arya, Protection Of Women’s Rights And Dignity: A Social Responsibility (Download)
  10. Dr. Manu Singh & Purnima Bhardwaj, Restorative Justice Under Juvenile Justice System (Download)
  11. Kartikey Bhalotia & Sandeep Golani, The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018 – An Affective “Or” Effective Move (Download)
  12. Kartikey Bhalotia & Sandeep Golani, Regulation Of e-Sports In India (Download)
  13. Krithika Dineshan, Conflict Between Copyright Law And The Freedom Of Speech And Expression (Download)
  14. Mahantesh G S, Strict Liability In International Law (Download)
  15. Mwajuma Sungura Makame, Copyright Infringement Is A Serious Offence In The World In This Digital Age: How The Copyright Act Of Zanzibar Protects Intellectual Creations Against Copyright Infringement? (Download)
  16. Nagarathinam D & Prasanth K, The Effect Of Industrial Policy Towards The Growth Of Private Sectors In India (Download)
  17. Nishant Mohanty & Ashutosh Ranjan Srivastava, Role Of Judiciary In Prevention Of Crimes Against Women (Download)
  18. Pallavi Sagar Pathare, The Validity Of The Unregistered Marriage Of Muslim Women In The UK: A Critical And Pragmatic Analysis (Download)
  19. Purnima Bhardwaj, Dr. Manu Singh & Kunvar Dushyant Singh, Social Security And Constitution Of India (Download)
  20. Reshmaa B, DRM Provisions Under Indian Copyright Law – A Comparative Analysis With US And EU And A Critical Study On The Issue Between Creator’s Interest And Public Interest (Download)
  21. Sanjeev Kumar, Deeksha, Priyanka & Kalpna Devi, Protection Against Violence And Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity (Download)
  22. Shashank Pandey, Mahendra Chawla & Ors v. Union Of India & Ors: Ensuring “Rule Of Law” By Protecting Witnesses (Download)
  23. Srishti Chaturvedi & Soumya Chaturvedi, Impediments And Recommendations In Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards (Download)
  24. Syed Fahad Saeed, Right Against Self-Incrimination (Download)
  25. Mayank Khemka, Is Forceful Acquisition Of Land By The Government Just? With A Special Focus On Farmers (Download)

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