Vol 5 Issue 1 [January 2019]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 5 Issue 1 – January 2019

ISSN: 2454-1273

  1. Mohit Jain, Growth, Development And Problem Related To E-Commerce In The Present World (Download)
  2. Hrishikesh Joshi, The “Effective Control” Regime: A Contradiction To The Universal Nature Of Human Rights Obligations (Download)
  3. Anusha Maurya & Astha Bhatt, Critical Analysis Of Dissenting Opinion In Sabarimala Temple Case (Download)
  4. Shivam Goel, Testing The Maintainability Of Composite Suit Of ‘Design Infringement’ & ‘Passing Off’ (Download)
  5. Nikita Mahajan, RTI: Revolutionary Tool For Democracy (Download)
  6. Prachi Gupta, Ship-Breaking Industry In India: Economic, Social And Legal Position (Download)
  7. Shivam Goel, Rome Has Spoken, The Cause Has Ended; Rome Spoke Through Her Laws (Download)
  8. Ishani Kumar Singh, Is NRC The Right Solution To Illegal Immigration? (Download)
  9. T. Anoosha, “I Am What I Am, So Take Me As I Am”: Sec 377 Verdict And The Way Forward (Download)
  10. Karthik Rai, The Debate Around Article 35A Of The Indian Constitution – Will It Erode The Autonomy Of Jammu & Kashmir? (Download)
  11. Richik Chowdhury, Arrest Of Activists: A Critical Analysis Of Underlying Issues (Download)
  12. Shreya Nigam, The Arrest Of Activists – It Is An Attack On Freedom Of Speech Or Is It Justified In The Name Of National Security? (Download)

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