Vol 4 Issue 6 [November 2018]

International Journal of Legal Developments & Allied Issues

Volume 4 Issue 6 – November 2018

ISSN: 2454-1273

  1. Amith LM, Bhanwar Kanwar V. RK Gupta: Case Comment And Analysis (Download)
  2. Archita Choudhary, Honour Killing: There Is No Honour In Killing (Download)
  3. Armaan Natt, State Surveillance Around The World (Download)
  4. Arshdeep Ghuman, Defamation As A Criminal Offence: An Analysis (Download)
  5. Arya Kumar, Human Trafficking: Putting The Price On Human Dignity (Download)
  6. Divyanshu Modi, Voyeurism: Need For The Reform In Law (Download)
  7. Dr. Banamali Barik, The Supreme Court Of India’s Verdict Decriminalizing Homosexuality: An Analysis Of Constitutional Rights Of The LGBT Community (Download)
  8. Dr. J.P. Arya, International Humanitarian Law And Other Social Ways Combating Terrorism (Download)
  9. Dr. S. Krishnan Mani, Organized Crime – A Growing Threat To National And International Security (Download)
  10. Mohit Sharma, Free Speech V. National Security (Download)
  11. Neha Rajagopal, Analysis Of The Prostitution Debate With Special Attention Given To The Indian Scenario (Download)
  12. Pratyusha Sen, Alternative Dispute Resolution Under CPC – A Critical Analysis (Download)
  13. Soumi Chatterjee, Criminalization Of Marital Rape – An Urgent Need For A Change In Laws (Download)
  14. Sudipta Patra, Secularism And Constitution Of India: An Analysis About It (Download)
  15. Fidha S Faruke & Anuragsheel Gupta, The Positive Impact Of British Rule On Indian Education System (Download)
  16. Himanshu Gupta & Dr. S. Krishnan, Can Capital Punishment Ever Be Justified?: A Critical Study (Download)
  17. Sayesha Chadha & Sidhanth Mor, Status Of Death Penalty And Life Imprisonment In India And Norway: A Critical Comparison Of The Two Extremes (Download)
  18. Hrishikesh Joshi, Dipankar Singh & Anant Nigam, The Advent Of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles And The Inadequacy Of The Laws Of Man (Download)
  19. Zhaoxia Deng & Chonghan Hu, Selection And Administration System Of Technical Investigators In Chinese Intellectual Property Litigation: A Comparative Analysis (Download)

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